Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Most Frequently Used Nonprofit Jargon

So well put:

As a writer who often covers nonprofits, I couldn't resist responding!

And here's what followed:

  1. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @SeattleDonorBiz in fact I feel a top 10 list coming on... we should collaborate, could be hilarious!
  2. Clay Holtzman
    SeattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff Agreed. We need a Top 10 list of nonprofit jargon. Let's collaborate .. oops, I just said one right there.
  3. Clay Holtzman
    SeattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff Top nonprofit jargon: Pathways. Community. Passion. Sustainable.... Got any others?
  4. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @SeattleDonorBiz nice! social justice, live/do/eat/think/sleep GOOD. Thinking of others.. will have to put this on my tumblr..
  5. Amita Parashar
    _amita_ @J_Schiff ownership, transparency, bold targets
  6. sarah arnquist
    sarnquist @seattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff popular NP jargon: mission creep, silos, sustainability, theory of change, social enterprise, scalable solution
  7. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @sarnquist those are great. I also hear "put on notice" a lot.

Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Twitterverse Tracks and Ponders Clinton's Remarks on Obama's Global Health Initiative

Despite some hype and curiosity, today's talk about the Global Health Initiative didn't produce much news. You probably already know that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered prepared remarks about the Obama administration's Global Health Initiative (recorded webcast is available). And if you were following the event on the hashtag #saisevents, you probably noticed some vocal disappointment with the level of detail Clinton provided.

Some sentiments:

  1. MSH
    MSHHealthImpact Clinton:metrics for GHI to be rolled out :focus on maternal mortality, family planning distrib.,child marriage. Still not clear #saisevents

  2. Sarah L. Dwyer
    SL_Dwyer Clinton talk: wish it had been less general and provided more details on focus countries and how we'll be achieving GHI goals. #saisevents

  3. Karen Grepin
    KarenGrepin Despite few specifics, it is nice to hear US enforcing commitments to #globalhealth at a time when others are pulling back. #saisevents

  4. Lauren Alexanderson
    LAlexanderson @SL_Dwyer Me 2-Haven't hrd any1 talk in detail abt y cntries were chosen/how we R going 2 make ths integration/innovation happen #saisevents

Here's some of the wittiest and most interesting observations / commentary I managed to round up as Clinton spoke:

  1. Karen Grepin
    KarenGrepin Circa 1960s? 80s? 90s? RT @NandiniOomman: US will make up for lost time in Family Planning. Clinton says @ #saisevents

  2. Tom Paulson
    tompaulson In global health, Clinton says we need more collaboration, coordination and systemic change. As always, the devil's details #saisevents

  3. MSH
    MSHHealthImpact Clinton is focusing on a coordinated system of care but hasn't used "health systems strengthening" term, interestingly. #saisevents

  4. Jirair Ratevosian
    JRatevosian Right. An SMS cannot replace a health worker. @NandiniOomman: "cell phones have penetrated where health clinics have not" #saisevents

  5. Nandini Oomman
    NandiniOomman Lots on the good GHI goals, but how will the GHI work? Tell us more about the HOW. Clinton's speech. #saisevents

@JRatevosian pointed out something interesting:

  1. Jirair Ratevosian
    JRatevosian Sec Clinton says US is first & largest contributor 2 @globalfundnews BUT 4 the record, @whitehouse cut the GF budget in FY11. #saisevents

I looked into this and the White House FY11 funding request for the Global Fund was indeed lower than the funding amount that was enacted in FY10. According to this budget tracker from Kaiser (my employer), the White House requested $700 million this year. In FY10, Congress approved $750 million for the Global Fund. But Senate and the House committees have both passed funding higher than the FY10 amount. Most recently, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved (login required) a $54.1 billion FY 2011 spending bill for the State Department that includes $800 million for the Global Fund.

@JRatevosian was on a roll today and it's also worth noting another great question he raised:

  1. Jirair Ratevosian
    JRatevosian And where does Zeke fit in? Does he? RT @NandiniOomman: Shah, Goosby, Frieden lead GHI "under the guidance of Jack Lew!" @ #saisevents

I'm wondering what the deal will be if Lew is confirmed? Despite reports of strong resistance from Clinton, last month Obama nominated Lew to be the new director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Other questions/ ideas from the discussion:

  1. Kate Dilley
    ktdilley Secy #Clinton seems so passionate about global health. Do others agree? #saisevents.

  2. Jenni Rothenberg
    J_Roth Clinton says QDDR will be coming out this fall....any bets on when we will see it? #saisevents

Additional thoughts / questions from the discussion? Or was there a tweet I missed? Feel free to add your say / enhance this discussion in the comments.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tweets of Note: #1millionshirts, World AIDS Vaccine Day, Observations from the Congo etc.

Notable links, sharp wit and newsy bits from the last 24 hours or so.

  1. Nicholas Wadhams
    nwadhams At long last: My Time story on the #1millionshirts saga

  2. Ian Thorpe
    ithorpe Now that's a real development aid action hero @cynan_sez

  3. IdealistNYC
    IdealistNYC I blame @CNN for this disgustingly UN-newsworthy piece. (from @talesfromthhood)

  4. IAVI
    AIDSvaccine World #AIDS #Vaccine Day is Tuesday! Check out this resource page w/news, events, videos, statements & reports #HIV

  5. Nicholas Kristof
    NickKristof Today I found that Congo clinics demand that women wanting family planning prove husband's consent. An absurd hurdle.

Scene on Twitter: Remote India via Bill Gates

Bill Gates is in India checking up on polio eradication efforts in some of the country's most difficult to reach areas. Even cooler than the pic he shared, might be the comments from locals.

  1. Bill Gates
    BillGates Kosi River near a ferry landing. A difficult area for polio prevention, but real progress being made...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scene on Twitter: Farmers in Brazil

Though she tweets somewhat infrequently (we only point it out because we'd love to see more), WFP head Josette Sheeran took a moment to share a scene from her first official visit to Brazil where she's visiting Brazilian government projects aimed at fighting hunger.

  1. Josette Sheeran
    JosetteSheeran In #Brazil saw family farmers successfully supporting school feeding

Sheeran is there honoring President Lula da Silva, who was named a Global Champion in the Battle Against Hunger by WFP. In case you missed it, here's the tweet:

  1. wfp_media
    wfp_media @WFP recognises #Brazil President Lula as a "Champion Against Hunger:"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

NYT Columnist Kristof Heads to Africa with Win-a-Trip Winner

Nicholas Kristof is off with the winner of his annual contest for students.

  1. Nicholas Kristof
    NickKristof At JFK airport, heading out on this year's Win-a-Trip journey. This year it's Gabon, the two Congos and Angola. Suggestions?

This year's winner, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student who has never been abroad, blogged about his preparation and thoughts ahead of the trip.

Tweets of Opportunity

  1. Josh Ruxin
    JoshRuxin Orphans of Rwanda seeking director of programs in Rwanda -- huge opportunity!

  2. Pro Mujer
    ProMujer Looking for a Development Administrative Coordinator for our NYC office.

  3. Global Health Corps
    ghcorps Join the GHC team! Apply to be a Program Associate in our New York office.