Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Most Frequently Used Nonprofit Jargon

So well put:

As a writer who often covers nonprofits, I couldn't resist responding!

And here's what followed:

  1. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @SeattleDonorBiz in fact I feel a top 10 list coming on... we should collaborate, could be hilarious!
  2. Clay Holtzman
    SeattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff Agreed. We need a Top 10 list of nonprofit jargon. Let's collaborate .. oops, I just said one right there.
  3. Clay Holtzman
    SeattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff Top nonprofit jargon: Pathways. Community. Passion. Sustainable.... Got any others?
  4. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @SeattleDonorBiz nice! social justice, live/do/eat/think/sleep GOOD. Thinking of others.. will have to put this on my tumblr..
  5. Amita Parashar
    _amita_ @J_Schiff ownership, transparency, bold targets
  6. sarah arnquist
    sarnquist @seattleDonorBiz @J_Schiff popular NP jargon: mission creep, silos, sustainability, theory of change, social enterprise, scalable solution
  7. Jaclyn Schiff
    J_Schiff @sarnquist those are great. I also hear "put on notice" a lot.

Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.